2 International Scientific and Practical Conference "Language and Speech in the Internet: Personality, Society, Communication, Culture"


PROGRAM of 2nd International scientific-practical conference "Language and speech on the Internet: personality, society, communication, culture" 29 - 30 March

Dear colleagues!

International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL),
The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) invites you to participate in the

2-nd International Scientific and Practical Conference "Language and Speech in the Internet: Personality, Society, Communication, Culture"

Date: March 29-30, 2018
Location: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

The conference is devoted to topical issues of reflection in the language and speech of the features of the development of the individual, society, communication and culture in the conditions of the formation of the information society and the media space.
To participate in the conference are invited doctors and candidates of sciences, doctoral students, graduate students, teachers, students.
The program committee of the conference will include well-known scientists and leading experts in linguistics and literary, communication and culture.

The conference program includes the following sections:
1. Language and speech on the Internet
2. The functioning of the Russian language and other languages ​​on the Internet
3. Mass communication in the information media space
4. Innovative technologies in the study and teaching of language and literature
5. Problems of information and linguistic security
6. Media culture and literature in the information society
7. Psychological aspects of the virtual interaction of the individual and society
8. Journalism in cyberspace
Within the framework of the conference it is planned to hold master classes, round tables, seminars and webinars on scientific, practical and methodological issues in the implementation of scientific research and practical activities in specified thematic areas, as well as a cultural program.
By the beginning of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of materials (registration in the RICC). Publication of the conference proceedings is carried out at the expense of the organizers of the conference.
Payment for travel, food and accommodation is carried out at the expense of the sending party.
Within the framework of the conference, refresher courses are organized (cost 5 500 rubles).
At the end of the conference, participants who attended all the plenary and sectional meetings, as well as the seminars indicated in the program, can receive a certificate of the established sample on the completion of the refresher course (the number of hours and the list of required attendance seminars are specified additionally).
A cultural program is provided for the participants of the conference.
To participate in the conference, it is necessary to send an application for participation in the conference till December 10, 2017 (int_conference@mail.ru with the subject of the letter "Internet") (see Appendix No. 1);
To publish an article in the collection, it is necessary to send articles up to 8 pages to the organizing committee (int_conference@mail.ru with the subject of the letter "Internet") by December 25, 2017 (see Appendix No. 2).
Conference languages - English and Russian
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not correspond to the theme of the conference and do not meet the requirements for registration. Articles and reports are accepted in Russian and English.
Contacts: Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching Philology Faculty of PFUR tel. +7 (495) 434-07-45 e-mail: Svetlana Mikova int_conference@mail.ru Contact: Svetlana Stanislavovna Mikova

Appendix No. 1
FULL NAME. (completely)
Place of work (study)
Academic degree
Academic rank
For graduate and post-graduate students: full name, position, title, scientific supervisor's place of work
Address (including postal code)
Work phone, home., Mob.
E-mail address
Article title
The name of the section in which the speech is planned (language and speech on the Internet, the functioning of the Russian language on the Internet or other).
What technical means are required to demonstrate the materials?
Is accommodation required?
Do I need visa support?

Appendix №2
1) the text of the article (up to 6 pages) in the format doc. (not docx!) (MSWord), Times New Roman, 12 font, single interval; the red line is 1.25 cm; alignment by width;
Fields: the top - 6.1 cm, the bottom - 6.1 cm, the right - 4.9 cm, the left - 4.9 cm; the distance from the footer is 6.0 cm, from the top - 5.7 cm;
2) author's surname - 12 font, bold (for example: II Ivanov), right alignment;
3) the name of the university (full) - 12 font, italics, it is indicated in parentheses (for example: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia); right alignment;
4) the name of the work (in Russian and English) - 12 font, bold, all capital letters ("big" letters) (for example: PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF ADAPTATION OF FOREIGN STUDENTS IN RUSSIA); center alignment;
5) a brief annotation of the content of the article (3-4 lines) and keywords (in Russian and English).
6) literature (the word itself) - bold type (Literature); 12 font, center alignment;
7) the list of references - 11 font, single interval; surname of the author with the initials in italics, the title of the work is indicated on the same line; the place of publication, year of issue of work must be indicated.